DENVILLE, NJ. — Bread manufacturer Anthony & Sons Bakery Inc. has launched a line of plant-based avocado seeds and grains bread products as part of its new Avocado Bread Co. brand, making it the first bakery to utilize avocados in its bread.

“We have seen avocados significantly increase in popularity in the foodservice sector over the past few years, especially in creations like avocado toast,” said Baldo Datollo, president and chief executive officer of Anthony & Sons. “This trend has continued to gain traction due to the growing consumer interest in more nutritious and beneficial food choices. As one of the most innovative suppliers of bread and rolls throughout the country, we wanted to create a unique product that could capitalize on this trend. We decided to create and perfect a bread product utilizing fresh avocados and nutrient-rich seeds and grains, to offer a standout bread option in today’s culinary landscape. Coupled with the rising demand for healthier bread options, the creation of our one-of-a-kind avocado seeds and grains bread is the ultimate solution.”

Mr. Datollo said the bread contains avocados sourced from several distribution partners throughout the West Coast as well as an original blend of guacamole spices that gives the bread a distinct flavor profile. Each loaf of the bread is filled with nutrients such as healthy fats, fiber and antioxidants and coated with nutritious grains such as sunflower, oats and cracked wheat. Moreover, the avocado bread is vegan and part of the Clean Label Project, which Mr. Datollo said is a top priority for Anthony & Sons.

“We’re targeting today’s health-conscious consumers who prioritize nutritional benefits in their food choices,” Mr. Datollo said. “Newer generations now more than ever are prioritizing clean label brands, which is something our company values and upholds in every product. The incorporation of avocados and nutrient-dense seeds and grains aligns with many consumers’ desire for nutritious, flavorful, and innovative food alternatives. We’re also focusing on consumers that are transitioning into healthier eating habits. This demographic shift toward healthier lifestyles presents an opportunity for our product. By offering a unique twist on bread that combines an unrivaled taste as well as beneficial ingredients, we anticipate resonating with both demographics as they seek out wholesome yet flavorful options.

Ben Rizzitello, vice president of marketing at Anthony & Sons, said the company’s avocado bread contains 21 grams of whole grains per slice, “making this line the latest power bread to hit the market.”

“The initial response has been tremendous, and we are looking forward to getting our newly introduced products into the homes of consumers,” he said.

Anthony & Sons’ avocado and grains bread is available in select grocery stores across the United States and Mexico at a suggested retail price of between $5.99 and $6.99 for 24-oz loaf. The lineup includes avocado seeds and grains dinner rolls, take & bake avocado bread, and avocado seeds and grains ciabatta buns. Mr. Datollo also said the company plans to expand its nationwide distribution strategy for the bread.