AKIVA, ISRAEL — Crisp Power, the latest launch from Meir Bagel, which also makes the Dream Pretzel, said it plans to bring the high-protein snack to Amazon in 2024. 

The pretzel product boasts maximum protein paired with minimal carbs, catering to carb-conscious consumers who often look to boost protein intake as a substitute for a high-starch diet, according to Meir Bagel. The pretzel has 15 grams of protein and 3 grams of carbs per serving. 

“We are excited for customers who love Dream Pretzel, who live a healthy protein-rich and low-carb lifestyle or are just looking to make more healthful choices in the new year to enjoy Crisp Power as their new favorite snack,” said Gilad Zilberberg, founder and chief executive officer of Meir Beigel. “After years of perfecting our recipe, we were elated to create something with the flavor of an everything bagel and crunchy texture of a satisfying pretzel.” 

Meir Bagel was launched more than 50 years ago in Israel, starting with salty pretzel sticks as its signature product. Today, the company is the No. 3 player in the baked snack category in Israel and sells baked snacks globally. 

With the release of the protein-packed pretzel, the company said it hopes to offer up to 30% of the daily suggested protein intake in one serving of Crisp Power pretzels. They feature plant-based protein, with extra fiber, no sugar in a never-fried product.